Facebook and Twitter ‘more addictive than tobacco and alcohol’

Social Media Addiction



According to a study on people’s everyday desires, refraining from checking social networking sites for updates is more challenging than declining an alcoholic drink.

The study involved 250 individuals who were surveyed, and it revealed that sleep and sex were the two most desirable things during the day. However, resisting the temptation to stay up to date with social networks and work proved to be the most difficult.

Interestingly, despite their addictive qualities, alcohol and tobacco ranked much lower in terms of eliciting desire.

Researchers from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business equipped participants with devices that tracked approximately 8,000 reports on their everyday desires. They observed that frequently or recently resisting a particular urge increased the likelihood of giving in the next time.

The constant struggle to resist temptation throughout the day depletes our willpower, which ultimately makes our cravings even stronger, according to the researchers.

Dr Wilhelm Hofmann, who spearheaded the study published in the Psychological Science journal, explained that “willpower becomes lower as the day progresses, and efforts to exercise self-control are more likely to falter.”

A separate study, also published in the same journal, suggested that momentarily restraining ourselves when we crave food could help regulate the amount we consume to feel satisfied.

The researchers from the Catolica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics discovered that individuals who initially postponed consuming the crisps given to them during a week-long experiment ended up consuming lower amounts than those who ate the snacks right away.


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